A Hacker Use FIFA Coins To Steal Millions Of Currency From EA Sports

A Group of hackers made millions of dollars after defrauding Electronic Arts, The defendant Anthony Clark with three other hackers will go on trial for conspiracy on committing wire fraud after mining FIFA coins from EA Server.

Anthony Clark is been said to have sold those mine Fifa Coins to Black Market Dealers in Europe and China, and he has made $15 to $18 million from this.

The FIFA coins are the “In Game Currency” used to buy players within the FIFA Game, And the FIFA coins can either be earn by playing Matches in the Game or by using money to buy FIFA coins in the Game.

According to FBI indictment, Clark and three others, named Ricky Miller, Nicholas Castellucci, and Eaton Zveare built a tool that sends a false signal to the EA’s Server to Spoof Matches, making the server generates FIFA coins for them, And these FIFA coins are sold in the Black Market  to third party sellers of the FIFA coins earning Clark, Ricky, Nicholas, and Eaton millions of dollars.

The FBI agents seized millions of dollars in cash and property which includes several Computers and Xbox 360’s Game Console from the alleged hackers in September 2015.

The trial begins in Fort Worth, Texas with the four defendant and also from EA’s Security Team.

Source: http://kotaku.com/man-goes-on-trial-for-allegedly-stealing-millions-from-1788948231

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