Apple iCloud Activation LockScreen Bypassed on iOS 10 Below

Have you been looking for a way on how to bypass the Apple iCloud activation lockscreen? A Bug Bounty Hunter name Hemanth Joseph some how find a way to bypass the Apple iCloud Activation Lockscreen, This issue has been reported by him and has been fixed by Apple, So it still works on iOS 10 below.

Hemanth Joseph said he bought a Used Apple iPad Air for his friend with iOS 10.1 installed on it, But the problem comes when checked iPad and notice it’s locked with iCloud.

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How To Bypass Apple iCloud Activation LockScreen

You know once you opened a restored iOS Devices like iPhone or iPad, You will be welcome with Setup menu to choose Language, Countries and so on. The next step is for you to choose a Wifi to get access to the Internet Connection where you can add your Username and Password right?

Step 1:

Under The Choose a Wifi Network there was one option Choose Another Network.

Step 2:

If we select that Option the iPad will display a a Window with a Name Field and Select the Security Option.


Step 3:

There’s a character limit in Security Protocols like WEP, WPA which means an Overflow can’t occur making a long character, But we have WPA2 Enterprise Edition, Because it has no character limit in which you can enter as many character as you like up to thousand.

Step 4:

There is 3 Input Field, Name, Username, Password, So in this area create as many character as you like to fill all those places, You can copy and paste and make it so long because it has no limit, Keep writing and copy pasting the character. Look at this picture below.

Keep copying and pasting until it FREEZES.

Step 5:

You need a Smart Case also in this process, What the Smart Case does it Lock the iPad Screen once it covered right and unlock the iPad automatically once opened, So once the iPad crashed use the Smart Case to Lock the iPad by covering the screen, then wait for 20-25 seconds to unlock it by opening the Smart Case making it bypass the Activation Lock.

And here after opening the cover,

A Short Video On The ByPass

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