XSS: The Force Awakens By Ashar Javed Free Download

Ashar Javed recently shared his Presentation slides named XSS: The Force Awakens on Twitter which he talked in OWASP Spain Chapter meeting last week and i talk to him in other to share it here.

If you want to learn more about XSS, Check out his blog on Respect XSS, And also you can watch his talks on BlackHat on Youtube about Revisiting XSS Sanitization.

the force awaken by ashar javed

Although i wish i can obtain the PDF Version of the Slides so you can download it directly, But I can’t do that on slides.com, But here is the link to the Presentation. And soon we might have an Interview with Ashar Javed on HackNull.

Check The Presentation: slides.com/mscasharjaved/deck-13


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