Metasploitable 3 Capture The Flag Still Ongoing Till December 31st, 2016

Hey, The Metasploitable 3 Capture The Flag is still going on which was hosted by Rapid7, As the Rapid7 recently released the Metasploitable 3, There’s still some hidden flags which is to be find by You may be 🙂 .


It’s easy to get in, And also a leaderboard with Points and also a Metasploit T Shirt will be given for people mentioned in the leaderboard, About 15 Flags is there in the Metasploitable3,.

An Overview of How it works

  • Download And Install the Metapsloitable 3 Here.
  • They Said Dig In, And Find Those Hidden Flags 🙂
  • Do A Simple Write Up, Check for the format here.
  • On December 31st The Winners will be announced

Yes! Prizes To Be Given!

  • 1st Place Hak5 Pineapple Worth Of $149.99
  • 2nd Place Lan Turtle Worth Of $49.99
  • 3rd Place Lan Turtle Worth Of $49.99
  • The First 25 People to reported the CTF will be given the Metasploit T Shirt worth of $10.

Note: It’s Free and anyone can get in, Have fun and show the hidden Flags.

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