Hackers Hit Thai Government Websites Over Restrictive Internet Law

The Thai Government websites has been targeted with DDoS Attack by Anonymous hackers over restrictive Internet law. The new law allows Thai Authorities to Intercept Private Communications as well as Censor websites without a court order.

The DDoS attack which was launched by the group knocked out Thailand’s defense ministry website as well as Thai Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Office of the National Security Council.

A Campaign called “Op Single Gateway” against the Thai Government, A hacker with the moniker blackplans posted a screenshots of documents he claimed stolen from the compromised Government websites.

Kongcheep Tantrawanich a Defense ministry Spokesman said:

"They couldn't do anything because we have defence systems in place that are ready for such situations, He warned that further attacks could lead to "destroying financial systems, banks, transportation systems, airports and can cause damage toward the population of an entire country".

The government has also asked the public to come forward with information about the hackers like photos and other informations.

The Thai Government characterized the hackers as “thugs” bent upon “creating chaos” and “overstepping boundaries”.

Tweets Pictures From The Group

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