Resetting The OpenWRT OS Back To Default

I misconfigure my TP-Link running on OpenWRT Chaos Calmer, So I lost access to the Wifi and the Ethernet, Which means I can’t connect to it through Wifi or Ethernet, What options do I have left? I had to restore the OS back to default and do some settings like changing the Password through telnet, Don’t worry I will walk you through 🙂 , Here is my review on TP-Link,  And how to flash OpenWRT to your Router.

How To Reset OpenWRT To Default

  • First plug the lan cable into your System, Don’t plug the Power Cable yet, Then Once you Plug the Power Cable into your System or Power supply, immediately hold the Power Button of your TP-Link or any Wireless AP you’re using, Till it start Blinking faster, Then release your hand, By that time you are already in Recovery Mode.
  • Either you run Windows or Ubuntu, Because we are going to use netsh which i tried on Debian/Kali Linux which didn’t work, So I had to use a Windows PC.
  • Run Command Prompt As Administrator Preferably. And type/copy this below
netsh interface ip set address name="Ethernet" static
  • Once Done Like this without any error

  • Samething goes with Ubuntu/Other Distros users.
  • If you’re using Windows Download Putty from here, And Ubuntu Users can just telnet, So Windows Users, Just enter the IP and Use Telnet And Login It will bring you to this Interface Below
  • Enter The Following
killall dropbear uhttpd; sleep 1; mtd -r erase rootfs_data

  • Depending It might Slow After Erasing in Putting Just give it some few Seconds by then Unplug the Cable, And plug it back, From now On you can connect back through Telnet, If still telnet can’t connect to it then just re try the steps above it should work. i

If you have any questions, Do let me know

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