White House Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Has Been Fired

A report last month that revealed President Donald Trump uses an old insecure Android phone, Advice from security experts and his closest advisers, But still he hasn’t change his mobile phone.

Cory Louie, The White House Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has reportedly been removed from his position by the administration of President Donald Trump, and fears among the remaining Cyber Security Staff who are working under Louie and also those who are said to be appointed by Former President Obama.

Louie was appointed as the Chief Information Security Officer in 2015 by Former President Obama to ensure The White House Executive Office including that of the President was kept safe from Cyber Threats/Espionage by State Sponsored Attackers and Hackers.

Report from Zdnet, That Louie was either fired or asked to resign on February 2, and was escorted out of his office,  And also there has been silence from the White House due to the remaining Staff’s fear to speak out as they see the recent actions as a Witch Hunt against Former President Obama administration appointees.

Although Louie was among the few who choose to remain at the White House as other former senior IT and Cyber Security staff quit when President Donald Trump took office. Among those who left are Former Federal CISO, Former Federal Chief Information Officer, And Former White House IT Director.

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